Recently, the challenges faced by every customer are becoming more complex. Indo-Sakura can help address the complex challenges proactively and most advantageously in customers' systems.

Cyber Security Solutions


BluSapphire is the only integrated cyber security platform that addresses the new age of cyber threats. It allows you to detect threats accurately in milliseconds.


BluSapphire combines the power of AI, machine learning techniques, and advanced data analytics to detect, analyze, respond and remediate cyber threats i.e., zero-day, APTs, ransomware, internal threats, unknown threats while being proactive in threat hunting. BluSapphire’s automated threat response (ATR), allows you to remotely quarantine, suspend, clean a remote system in an entirely automated way, using a superior agentless response module.


BluSapphire unified cyber defense platform:

  • BluSEIM (Next-Generation SIEM)
  • BluArmour (Anti-Malware/Ransomware)
  • BluNAF (Network Behavior Analytics)
  • BluEye (Behavior Analysis)
  • BluTurquoise (Entity Behavior Analytics)
  • BluGenie (Agentless Response & Remediation)
  • BluSniper (Threat Hunting)

BluSapphire operates across entire cyber defense functions i.e. detect, analyze, respond and remediate into one unified platform while being completely agentless.