Finance & Securities

Indo-Sakura quickly develops a system with high security and reliability in order to significantly improve efficiency and cost reduction of back office and front office operations in securities and financial businesses, it supports respond to new products, and respond to system reforms.

Based on our track record of supporting IT solutions for securities and financial businesses, we will strongly support securities and financial businesses in Japan and abroad, based on the concept of high reliability and quality.

Case Studies

Banking Package product localization
Technologies used
  • VB.Net, PL/SQL, VB Macro
  • Finance & Securities
  • Custom Software
  • Onsite Development Model
  • PLx1 (Japanese), SEx2 (Indian)
VB.Net, PL/SQL, VB Macro
  • 25 Man Months
Our Client has a package software that can easily build a data mart extracted and integrated from the accounting DB and information DB held by the financial institution/Banks. By customizing this package, we constructed a basic data mart from a DB owned by a regional bank, and based on that, we implemented the system development of a form output system for count management at a bank sales office.
Requirement details
We were entrusted to customize the said product for a regional bank, and implement it for production level environment.
Proposed solutions
We understood the customer's product and performed customization, function addition, implementation and verification test in a new environment. We verified and re-engineered bank package products made by VB, and performed customization, function addition, implementation and verification tests for other banks. The combination of the Japanese project manager and the Indian development engineer allowed us to be safe and inexpensive.
Re-Engineering, Banking, Financial, Customization, Implementation, Verification, System Development, VB
The result was overwhelming as we could execute the development with less time and more cost effectively. further with a Japanese project leader, the quality and project management was done well.
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