IT Infra Maintenance

Indo-Sakura provides one-stop IT infrastructure development services in conjunction with application development. It has a track record of many IT infrastructure construction and maintenance, and it is possible to build an IT infrastructure system that can flexibly cope with environmental changes and unexpected problems, incorporating the latest technologies such as virtualization and cloud.

In addition, along with the aging of existing systems, it is possible to change or rebuild new systems.

Case Studies

Intranet CRM System
Technologies used
  • VB.Net, Visual Studio
  • Business optimization
  • IT Infra Maintenance
  • Onsite Development Model
  • BSEx1, SEx2
VB.Net, Visual Studio
  • 25 Man Months
Our Client is a global MNC having intranet system to connect with all the resources globally. however the current system needs to be upgraded with latest technology and new features.
Requirement details
Up-gradation of the current system with latest technology and new features. additional features to be designed, developed and tested.
Proposed solutions
Re engineering of the current product, based on inventory, proposed development of few features which may not work on new technology.
CRM, Intranet System, Office Management, Inventory Systems, Resource Management, Time Management
The newly developed product is more effective and easy to use. the client is happy with the new solutions which has less hardware dependency as well as responsive to various platforms.
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