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Case Studies

HEMS Visualization
Technologies used
  • Java Script, Java, HTML5, etc
  • Others
  • Business Solutions
  • Onsite Development Model
  • PLx1 (Japanese), SEx4 (Indian)
Java Script, Java, HTML5, etc
  • 23 man months
Helping to save energy wisely by “visualizing” energy consumption.
Requirement details
This project is a development project for centralized control of home energy consumption such as electricity, water, gas etc., display of predicted amount of usage, display of indoor temperature and humidity, and home appliances such as air conditioners and air purifiers.
Proposed solutions
We were in charge of the development of display of following functions on monitor screen, ・ Daily / Monthly usage of electricity, water, gas; ・ Predicted usage of electricity, water, gas this month; ・ The amount of power sold today by solar power; ・ The amount of electricity used by room / equipment; ・ Temperature and humidity by room (air conditioner operation time display) ・ Air environment (house dust, odor, PM 2.5) change.
Energy Monitoring System, IOT, Home Appliances, Automation, Home energy Consumption, Electricity, Gas, Water
With Indian Team members and a Japanese manager we could provide high quality yet cost effective solutions to the client.
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